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Screen Fatigue and CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) are dismissed as temporary visual anomalies yet, DSE user operators suffer it's debilitating symptoms every day and as with any repetitive stress injury the consequences are rarely manifested in the short term other than in significantly reduced performance, productivity and well-being.

Screen Fatigue is an age diverse problem. As display screen equipment insidiously demands attention in almost all of our waking hours, this technological hazard is now seen as harmless as Asbestos was when it was introduced, way back when, as the new, super inert, multi purpose, universal product...

Introducing Scoring of YOUR Screen

This is a very basic measure of your screen’s “accessibility” and will provide an indication of how well, or not, it meets your needs, rather than forcing you to accommodate any deficiencies in its standard set-up and contrast, usually without modification, presenting “subject matter” (most often black text) on a white background.

In assessing or benchmarking your screen’s performance we have used the standard universal “Wilkins Reading Rate Test” as a uniform accepted model (this also minimises familiarity).


The accuracy of YOUR screen’s “score” simply depends on you reading the block of text you will be presented with “out loud”, or if you cannot cope with that just mouthing the words, as quickly as you can without skipping any of the 10 lines.



Score My Screen

Simply by scoring your screen you will have an immediate measurement...

of how easily accessible your current screen is and your risk of suffering the debilitating symptoms of Screen Fatigue and, over time, potential repetitive strain related harm and injury.

Whilst we hope that you will have a positive result for your screen, the 2007 HSE Better Display Screen Study, RR561, confirmed that 58% of regular DSE user operators did not find that compliance with the UK 1993 DSE Regulations had a significant, if any, effect in reducing their risk of Screen Fatigue.

All display screens and their users are different and, after 26 years since the introduction of EU DSE Directive operators are still finding some incompatibility that results in experiencing a degree of Screen Fatigue. This accounts for an average 20% loss in performance and productivity over the working day.

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