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As you would expect, we take your privacy seriously. This bit may seem boring but it is important and we would ask you to read it through as it forms part of our Terms and Conditions. If you proceed in using the site then you acknowledge this and that you have read, understood and accept what is written here and indeed elsewhere in our “Terms and Conditions“ and “Disclaimer“. We cannot vary any of our terms whether here or elsewhere so if you have a query, then please clarify before proceeding. As with many websites we use technical electronic processes and programmes (including, but not limited, to cookies) to monitor our site and who visits it. Cookies, for example, allow us to store small amounts of information on your computer that help us to monitor traffic to the site, potentially personalise the content for you and make it easier for you to log on. For an explanation of cookies you can go to

There are reasons for this; it helps us develop the site for the benefit of you the user. It also provides us with important data and information about you the individual user which we want to have for the benefit of the individual user of the site and, of course, and to be frank, for the benefit of our business, which includes possible development of the Product.

Basic data and information is; your name, address, email and telephone numbers. There will be much other data and information collated because of the nature of the site and the Product. For example, we will store indefinitely the use you make of the Product. So, we will have details of the time and date, together with the period(s) of use. It may also include the location and computer used.

Any data and/or information that we obtain now or in the future will be ours. To be clear we would own it, but we will use all of our endeavours to keep it secure and certainly we will not sell or share those data or information as simple data and information, unless you give us permission to do that, except that we have affiliate and related companies with which we will do (and the number and complexity of these will certainly expand and grow in the future), but we would not do so with those organisations if they were outside the EU and, if inside, then only if we believed that it were, from our perspective, necessary for the business and that third party entity operated under the same protection and policy as we operate. This would usually be the case as all businesses operating in the EU fall under the EU Directives upon Data Protection. So, unless there is something that raises our suspicions then this, we will assume, will be the case. That said we would always ask the question. We may sell what we would call combined or aggregate information to third parties but this would not include information that would allow that third party to identify you. What this could be, to give a simple example, is how may people from a particular geographical area have used the Product.

The only exception to this is if we are required to do so by law or ordered to do so by a Court. Then we would have no option.
Turning to the contents of the site itself, we need those data and/or information, we believe, to record an accurate usage of the site and the Product. That said, you have to understand that we cannot promise or warrant anything. We are working on this exciting Product and by that we mean that we will continue, we hope, to develop it, because we do believe that the majority will benefit for a different colour background to their screen, but one of them may not be you. All we would say is, please remember that there are over 14,000,000 colours that we could use as a background colour for you, so you just don’t know at the moment. If it turns out that white is your background colour then all well and good, the Product has worked as white is your “coloured” background.

You can address any queries that you have to us using our online form. We will supply you with an initial response in 14 days. We cannot accept queries on this save in this manner.

That is that over with save to say, if your personal details change (like your name and address) then YOU MUST ENSURE you change these by following the procedure for “Changing Personal Details“.